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When science and technology are put in a pressure cooker, together with food, the most amazing creations are born. Let's get to know the things you could have never imagined. Welcome to the future.

Future, eco, new age, science fiction, laboratory, experimenting, electro. What does the future of events look like? And the future of food? Within our Edge concept everything is possible. Molecular cooking or food that tastes different then what it looks like. And how about eating bugs? Even the venue is way ahead of its time.

At Oseven we have claimed 07 January as our day. Every year on that day we organize a get-together with our friends to celebrate another 365 days, life and the love for food. This year, we took our friends on a journey into the future. Totally in line with the Edge concept. We served vege pills, cocktail 2.0 and sushi bullets.

An impression of the event; 'Food and engery'  in a Edge concept;