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Respect nature. Fresh product from local producers. Super food, spa's and wellness treatments to cleanse our body. Vitalogy is the answer to our damaged environment en difficult economy. Vitalogy is about going back to the source. 

Healthy, foody, responsible, urban, trendy, vegetarian, local, vitality, pure, vitality. Those are the words to describe our Vitalogy event concept. Know were you're food ik coming from and how it's prepared. Take a seat on one of our wooden benches or at the picnic table. Enjoy the best nature has to offer.

B.Amsterdam is the ultimate venue for a Vitalogy event. Check out there rooftop garden, filled with fresh vegetables and herbs. Or let us find you a nearby meadow of local ecological farm to host your Vitalogy event. Please find more inspiration about this concept in our concept book One.Oseven.